Friday, June 28, 2024

Foot photo explains sale of Royal Enfield

2022 Royal Enfield Classic 350.
Well, this is different.

 A husband in North Carolina put a 2022 Royal Enfield Classic 350 up for sale because his wife broke her foot and can not shift gears. They want to buy an automatic-shift scooter instead. 

It's not unusual to see for-sale ads for motorcycles whose owners can no longer ride safely due to age, or have injuries, or physical limitations. 

What is unusual about this ad, in the Adventure Rider forum, is that the seller included a photo of the injured foot. 

"Mandatory feet pics are attached below," writes the seller, Andy. 

Wife's broken foot.
In case you didn't believe him.

"We are putting this spare bike up for sale/trade to get her an automatic for the summer. A Piaggio MP3 is our top choice as her left foot is totally gimpy for a bit. If you have one, let's talk. If you want a cool Enfield for cash, let's talk as well!" 

The Royal Enfield has 3,638 miles, according to the ad, and the suggested asking price is $4,000. The Royal Enfield has several after-market accessories, including an "ignition thingy."

Just guessing, I suspect that Andy has a sense of humor. It's also clear that his wife, although injured, remains committed to staying  on two wheels.

She's not just walking away. Oops. Sorry for the unintentional pun.

But, no, really.

The ad explains that the wife rides a Triumph Thruxton. The Royal Enfield is "a spare" motorcycle, to be sacrificed for a scooter purchase. They're keeping the Thruxton, for after her recovery.

She's not giving up on motorcycles.

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