Friday, June 14, 2024

A Royal Enfield with everything on it

Royal Enfield advertised for sale.
Royal Enfield advertised for sale with 35 accessories.

 What's better than a baked potato? A LOADED baked potato. 

Many of the used Royal Enfield motorcycles listed for sale on this blog come with valuable accessories added by previous owners. Some of these Royal Enfields are truly exceptional. 

Here's an example: A 2020 Royal Enfield INT 650 advertised in Maryland. 

The seller lists 35 separate accessories and improvements added to the motorcycle. 

Royal Enfield features a fairing.
Fairing is most noticeable accessory added. 

Of course, his ad says, you'll get the original parts that were replaced, in case you want to change back. 

And then the seller says he will throw in a Royal Enfield leather jacket with armor, a Royal Enfield hat, and even a Royal Enfield beer koozie. 

The attention this Royal Enfield got is amazing. Its shiny fenders are alloy, replacing the original plastic versions. 

The side covers are labelled "Interceptor," as they are everywhere in the world except the U.S

Accessory tank tie-down strap.
Accessory tie-down strap looks good.

Interceptor is the evocative Royal Enfield model name from the swinging sixties. Unfortunately, in the U.S., the side covers carry the "INT 650" designation. It's a copyright work-around because Honda owns the Interceptor name here. 

There's a luggage rack, luggage side boxes, and a Corbin seat.

The tires are next to new, the ad says.

All in all, the asking price listed strikes me as a real bargain.


Royal Enfield leather jacket.
Royal Enfield leather jacket is nice to have.

I have no connection to the sale; I don't know the seller; I can not vouch for the claims in the advertisement. The motorcycle may have been sold since this blog item was written.

NOTE: You can not see the motorcycles listed for sale on the mobile version of this blog. Sorry.

I only list Royal Enfields for sale that I find interesting or in some way unusual.

I might list a motorcycle because I'd want to buy it or because I'm horrified by the prospect of owning it. Either could be true and I'll bet that in most instances you can guess which way it goes.

This ad struck me as showing a special Royal Enfield that I would personally like to own.

Parts removed from Royal Enfield for sale.
A nice touch: ad shows the parts removed from the bike.


  1. To be honest, "extras" Seldom add much to the value though. Tastes vary so much.

    I bought a Yamaha xs 650 once with huge fairing and k +q seat. It all went in the junk the minute I got it home!

  2. Robert Powell6/15/2024

    Hey David , where is a good place to sell 2003 RE Bullet (1400 miles). My knee can’t handle the kick start anymore. Thanks.
    Robert Powell

    1. I only watch eBay and CraigsList. If I were selling I might try something local like FaceBook Market Place but I think eBay and CraigsList have wider audiences for motor vehicles. Never hurts to put up a notice at your local bike mechanic. Maybe let your Royal Enfield dealer know you have a kick start bike to sell. He might be willing to refer anyone who asks him about it to you.


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