Friday, May 3, 2024

Worried about something? Let it ride

 A 2022 Royal Enfield Meteor 350 for sale in New York state advertises this: "Great bike. Great gas mileage." 

So why is he selling?

"Have too much else to find time to ride," the seller writes.

Too much what? I wonder.

Too many other motorcycles?

Too many other toys?

Too many other hobbies?

Too many other interests?

Too many jobs to do?

Too many duties?

Too many worries?

All of the above?

We've all been there. We put off a ride on a nice day because there are things to do around the house, or a good game on TV, or too many things, pleasant or not, that just have to get done first.

Admit it: sometimes you just take time to worry about things. You turn something over and over in your mind, wondering how to fix it. Until it's fixed you don't allow yourself to really enjoy anything.

Something is bugging you.

If something is bugging you it just doesn't seem right to ride. Motorcycling demands your full attention; it has to be top of your mind or it's too dangerous. 

And yet you know that riding clears your brain, giving it the time off to allow joy and possible solutions to work their way to the surface.

Riding restores clarity. It gives you the opportunity to get outside yourself and look inwards.

Things that are really important to you will start to get their footing as soon as you put the little annoyances away by leaving them at the side of the road.

Riding is not a cure-all, of course. If you're not in the mood maybe you are better off on the couch.

But... maybe not.

That thing you were trying to fix? Try forgetting it for a little while while you ride.

Wherever you ride to, you may find yourself nearer a solution when you get back.

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