Friday, August 11, 2023

I'm never a Squid on my Royal Enfield

 "Squid." I'd heard the term applied to motorcyclists, but never knew what it meant. Recently an Internet posting out of Kalamazoo, Mich., used the term in suggesting the formation of a riding group: 

"If you ride or are interested in Royal Enfields. All Medium Sized Bikes OK, NO Squids." 

No squids? What is a squid anyway? I was surprised to find a very complete answer on the website of J.D. Power

It defined squid his way: 

"Squid is a derogatory term to explain a generally immaturity and recklessness on motorcycles." 

"Being a squid is not considered cool among bikers or anyone else." 

Squids may ride without proper gear, pop wheelies on crowded streets, or otherwise endanger themselves or others. In general, they act in ways that give motorcycling a bad name, the article says.

Where did the name come from? Unclear, J.D. Power asserts, but possibly it originally referred to surfers who did stupid things.

Motorcyclists might think of a squid as "Speeding Quickly Until I Die," Power suggested.

The J.D. Power article is well worth reading, especially its list of ways to avoid being a squid yourself.

Basically it comes down to this: "being a wiser person all around."

I flatter myself that I am not a squid. But I have had my run-ins with a few.

I wrote the following about my encounters with squid behavior. See if you agree:

"My old Royal Enfield and I expect to be passed in traffic. Speed and acceleration that feels exciting to us generally won't outrun anything with a motor on a busy U.S. street.

"Not even a scooter.

"I saw this one particular scooter in my rearview mirror, when he was well back. No helmet, no jacket, flip flops. Yep. Here he comes.

"He passed me at full song, and then, at the big intersection up ahead, he did a right-turn-on-red without slowing.

"Was he in a hurry to get somewhere or just always in a hurry to get anywhere?

"Then an ATV with a rider and passenger aboard gave me no warning at all. They passed me on the left at an intersection, going the wrong way in the center lane reserved for left turns.

"Going twice my speed, the ATV was far ahead when it darted back into my lane. It then kept jinking from side to side, violently changing lanes, seemingly at random.

"I would guess that this was the effect of the driver not having a rear-view mirror and needing to turn his head and shoulders fully to look back and enjoy my reaction at being blitzed.

"I didn't react. Why should I? It ain't racin' if I'm not trying."

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