Friday, December 23, 2022

Happy Royal Enfield holidays to all

Royal Enfield headlight with Christmas lights.
Happy Holidays from me and my Royal Enfield.

 My old Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle is broken. Nothing would make a better Christmas gift than the parts I need to fix it, but Santa won't be bringing me motorcycle parts. 

Motorcycle parts are unsuitable as Christmas gifts, my wife (Santa) informs me. 

So I ordered my own dang motorcycle parts. Unfortunately, I somehow neglected to complete the online payment, and so the parts were delayed. 

In the interim my neighbor borrowed my stepladder to string Christmas lights along the edge of his roof. They look nice there, but, contrary to promise, he did not return the ladder. OK. He'll need the ladder to take the lights down after Christmas, so he might as well hang onto it. 

My lack of a ladder put paid to my promise (to my wife) to finally paint the fascia board along our roof. It has to be painted prior to installing the gutters she wants. I've put off this job for many months and the absence of the stepladder provides a fresh excuse to continue ducking the job. 

Meanwhile, houseguests arrived. It's the ideal time to visit us in Florida, where it is warm, from their homes in places where it is cold.

They brought Christmas cheer, food and friendship. The guy opened the passenger door of my car with normal guy force and ripped off the door handle. We'd been babying it after I Super Glued it back on. I knew my inadequate repair job would never last, but the car is old and no one sells a replacement door handle in that exact color anymore.

I'll have to do something about that.

In the meantime the lights in the laundry room stopped working. Exactly what, my wife asked, do we have to do to get them fixed? I'd tried replacing the bulbs.

I suggested we hire an electrician, and while he is here have him look at the electrical outlet that stopped working in the bedroom.

Electricity scares me, which is why I've never fixed the fluorescent array in her closet (replacing the bulbs didn't fix them either). I moved a lamp, on an extension cord, into her closet. Seems like a fine workaround to me. Not to her.

We should have the electrician look at them, too.

Meanwhile, my Royal Enfield Bullet sits in the garage, awaiting application of the parts that finally arrived. I'd love to get it fixed but I have a dental appointment this afternoon.

And Christmas is coming

On Christmas Day, a daughter and her husband arrive to visit from someplace cold, accompanied by our treasured grand daughter, who will likely provide grandpa with many wonderful distractions.

Bless her.

Merry Christmas to all. And to all, many happy distractions for the New Year.


  1. Happy holidays, David, and a best-ever New Year!

  2. Anonymous12/27/2022

    What area of Florida? I am near Tampa.


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