Friday, November 4, 2022

Used Royal Enfields for sale in the U.S.

 OK. Royal Enfield, you win. I'm backing off. You've gotten too big for my britches.

Since 2008 I've attempted to list on this blog all the advertisements I came across for Royal Enfield motorcycles on sale in the U.S.

(Royal Enfield fans who read the blog on their phones don't know this because my list of motorcycles for sale doesn't appear on mobile. Sorry.)

I don't pretend that my listings were ever comprehensive. I don't bother with ads from dealers or other commercial outlets because I figure people who want to buy Royal Enfields know how to find those.

I don't come across every Royal Enfield ad; not even close.

But I've always loved looking through ads to find unusual, historical, or cleverly modified Royal Enfields. I wanted to share those I did find with my readers. I will continue to do this.

I just can't list them all any more because Royal Enfield is too big a success. There are thousands of Royal Enfields in the U.S. now and a certain percentage are bound to be for sale every day.

I never did keep up; but now I can't even pretend to approach keeping up.

So the Royal Enfields you'll see listed for sale here from now on will be the ones I find interesting. Maybe the Royal Enfield is a rare model, or maybe it's just old. Maybe the asking price is attractively low or amusingly too high. Or maybe I just like the photo the seller posted with his ad.

I tell myself that it's OK to give up listing them all. I never did want to compete with eBay.

I just wanted to entertain readers, and I hope you'll agree to continue to be entertained here.

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