Friday, July 8, 2022

Dry humor in Royal Enfield club mag

Cover of The Gun magazine.
Most motorcyclists will recognize this scene. 

 Drying riding gear decorates the cover of the Royal Enfield Owners Club (UK) June/July issue of The Gun magazine. This recalling a very wet ride the Kent Branch made in 2016. 

The cover seems an attempt at drying humor by magazine editor Alan Barringer and there are indications inside the magazine that club members are at least trying to smile. Setting aside the siege of bad weather, epidemic, politics and news of war, they found a bit of relief in their Royal Enfield motorcycles. 

Member Leo Nelson writes in that his wife complained how "every year you seem to buy bigger and bigger motorcycles." 

He claims to regret replying that "it's only fair darling, every year you buy bigger and bigger dresses." 

He also describes his test ride on a new Royal Enfield Meteor 350: 

"But the most impressive thing? How smooth the engine was. Hardly a tingle. Now my Bullet is only two horses down on power and this is distributed evenly. Through the handlebars, footrests and seat base. But there was no sign of this on the Meteor." 

Member Pat Daly bought a 2018 Royal Enfield Classic 500 in Stealth Black. He writes:

"I was thinking of replacing the silencer with something a bit 'less restrictive' but that would defeat the object of buying a Stealth."

Club branch coordinator Jason Reeves has done such a good job that Club Reports now fill 18 pages of the magazine. But, while everyone seems to want the fun of a branch in their area, no one wants to meet to organize activities, dates, venues, favorite roads and destinations.

"I have no idea what people imagine we get up to at these meetings. Perhaps we should call them rendezvous, or other words, to ease their fear," he writes.

In Branch Reports, Dudley Martin of West Riding set the June/July magazine's general tone:

"Now that's more like it! A bit of sunny weather in God's own county, lovely country lanes and we get two ride-outs inside a week."

Other branches reported a lot of fun, including a drain cap falling off a carburetor, wrong turns (one the second year in a row), a "mystery tour" through a parking lot behind a lost leader and turnouts so good that the pack couldn't keep together.

The greatest mystery (because no photo was actually included) was this note from Chris at the South Lancashire Branch:

"Peter S., riding mostly along country lanes, has created a very nicely executed guard for his engine, as shown in the photo. In use it is extremely effective. But, riding mostly in areas without cows, I probably won't be needing one myself…" 

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