Friday, May 13, 2022

How to tuck a motorcycle jacket hood out of the wind

Jacket hood tucked down into a collar.
Finally, I found an answer to what to do about my riding jacket.

 The new red jacket I got for riding my Royal Enfield Bullet in 2021 has served me well, with one exception: it has a hood. 

Although useful when I'm not riding, the hood has the unfortunate determination to balloon out behind my helmet at speed, like a drag chute. 

My 1999 iron barrel Royal Enfield doesn't need a drag chute. It's slow enough already. My previous (yellow) jacket had a hood but that hood folded neatly into the jacket collar. My new red jacket doesn't have this feature. 

I'm not a fan of wearing the hood inside my helmet. I don't mind wearing a helmet, but helmet plus earplugs plus hood would be too much. I'd hate to have to hack the hood off a new jacket with scissors.

But wait, what's this? The new red hood has a Velcro strap on the top of the hood. Never seen anything like it. It must do something.

Velcro tab locks folded hood in a collar shape.
Velcro tab wraps into and around fabric hook in jacket.

With a little experimenting I found that if I folded the hood just right the Velcro strap could be tucked into and around the fabric hook inside the neckline. This effectively turned the hood itself into a collar.

Tested at 1999 Royal Enfield speed, the hood stayed nicely tucked and out of the slipstream.

Did Lands End intend the jacket to work like this? If not, I still don't know what other purpose the Velcro strap could have served.

Clothing rarely comes with an instruction manual. Maybe it should, at least for guys like me.

Velcro tab holds hood in collar shape.
Velcro tab holds hood in shape of a collar.

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