Friday, January 7, 2022

Grandkid didn't find the bike hidden with my Royal Enfield

Hot Wheels bicycle.
Hot Wheels bicycle, marked as a 2016, but little used.
Made in China for Dynacraft, quality is poor, but it's colorful.

 I haven't ridden my Royal Enfield motorcycle recently, but it's not my fault, I swear.

 You'll understand when I tell you the responsible person is strawberry blonde, petite, and looks great in her swimsuit.

 At three, going on four years old, she is all personality. With that smile (and that frown) she gets what she wants, even if what she wants is to go to the beach here in Florida seven times in 10 days.

 This left no time for grandpa to go motorcycling.

I couldn't have gotten to my motorcycle anyway.

Preparing for granddaughter's visit meant piling everything deemed too precious or too perilous for her touch into the garage. My Royal Enfield was quickly surrounded.

The garage turned out to be the one place our little adventurer did not manage to penetrate. 

Children of all ages (in fact, people of all ages) don't naturally want to be kept safe. They want the real thing, the real McCoy, the real risk.

So the perfectly safe toy bubble maker purchased for my granddaughter got no more than two minutes of her attention.

For her, the real fun began after she successfully clogged the toilet by drowning a massive quantity of toilet paper. 

Her mommy had hidden the bathroom plunger (the real thing) to keep it out of kiddie hands, but the hiding place was easily found.

And then it was plunge, plunge, plunge until the bathroom looked like a case for Noah.

Hiding things or walling things off (we had put in a backyard fence in an attempt to corral her) proved fruitless. 

She immediately mastered unlocking the back door, something that often foils our adult visitors.

Luckily, in the garage, my Royal Enfield remained safely hidden, along with something she else might even have found more interesting: the bicycle I bought for her.

It's a Hot Wheels bicycle, spotted in an ad. It looks unused, only the rust on some fasteners giving away its age.

The seller seemed wistful. He'd purchased it for his visiting grandchild but the kid hadn't ridden it much.

The ad hadn't listed the size of the bicycle, and so it is bigger than I thought, but the price was right. 

For the moment it is bigger than my granddaughter can ride.

Maybe next visit it won't have to hide in the garage.

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