Saturday, January 29, 2022

First photos of 2022 Dania Beach Vintage Motorcycle Show

Woman astride rocket shaped motorcycle.
You could pose on the rocket for a $1 donation to the Dania Beach library.

 A Royal Enfield motorcycle greeted visitors walking into the 2022 Dania Beach Vintage Motorcycle Show in Florida Saturday. For a change, it wasn't mine, in the parking lot.

 The military-style Royal Enfield on display at the entrance was a Squadron Blue 2017 Royal Enfield Classic 500. It was posed next to a genuine military motorcycle: a 1943 BSA W-M20 motorcycle that served with the British 3rd Infantry Division from the Normandy invasion to the defeat of Germany.

Royal Enfield and BSA military motorcycles.
Royal Enfield and BSA, report for duty at motorcycle show.

As always, the 2022 Dania Beach Vintage Motorcycle Show was fun, free and full of motorcycle delights, including serious classics and creative... err... creations. Here are the first photos I shot Friday.

Civilianized military Triumph motorcycle.
1942 Triumph 3-HW served with the RAF before donning civilian dress after the war.

Sparking Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
1914 Harley-Davidson single. How did riders keep 'em clean?

Shiny BSA Gold Star motorcycle.
1961 BSA Gold Star was a bright spot in the show.

BSA Gold Star badge on tail of motorcycle.
1961 BSA Goldstar left no doubt what had just passed you.

Person in dinosaur costume.
Always someone who wants to bite your head off.

Mannequin wears studded leather mask.
Mannequin at auto jumble took mask wearing seriously.

Men posing for photos in vintage gear.
These guys weren't afraid to start the bikes they had for sale.

Motorcycle rocking horse.
Bicycle area was full of oddities like this motorcycle rocking horse.

Motor scooter in Mod fashion.
1984 Vespa is a tribute to the Mods.

Front of scooter shows Union Jack inspiration.
2022 Dania Beach show didn't group bikes by nationality,
but there was no doubt about where this Vespa belonged.

Now let's see that rocket motorcycle fire up.

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