Friday, December 24, 2021

Royal Enfield Owners Club calendar still available

2022 Calendar with envelope behind it.
Royal Enfield Owners Club Members Calendar 2022. 
Cover photo shows 2014 Royal Enfield Classic 500.

 One Christmas gift for me this year was the 2022 Royal Enfield Owners Club Members Calendar. I am very impressed with the monthly photos that will grace the wall of my den for the next year.

 I'm told they're still available if you'd like one, and you need not be a member of the club to order.

 Easiest way, I think, is to use PayPal (as long as it's your own account registered at your address). Send your money to and be sure to type in a message specifying that you want the REOC 2022 Calendar, along with your name and mailing address.

 Cost for each calendar is 6.00 pounds in the UK, 9.50 pounds in Europe and 10.50 pounds for the rest of the world including the U.S. PayPal does the currency conversion for you.

Seems expensive? I know, but it cost 5.85 pounds just for the very nice profile of Queen Elizabeth II in the upper right corner of the envelope containing my calendar.

It wouldn't be fair to spoil the surprise by showing off any of the photos you'll find inside the calendar, but here's a list of what you will see, to whet your appetite:

January 1955 Bullet 350 Trials

February 1960 350 Bullet

March 1943 350 WD/CO/B

April 1961 500 Big Head Bullet (posed with guns)

May 1965 Continental (in action on the Isle of Man)

June Flying Flea (posed with a World War II Spitfire)

July 2015 Continental GT

August 350 Bullet (circa 2000)

September 2018 Classic 500

October 1960 Constellation

November 1919 Model 200 Lightweight

December 350 Trials (posed in the snow)

These are Royal Enfields of club members. I can't get over what excellent photos they have of their own motorcycles. I'm jealous.

The settings are invariably wonderful and evocative. The motorcycles are all shown from the side and at about the same relative size, giving the calendar a coherent flow from month to month.

It's a delight just to take the calendar down from the wall and page through. Credit must go to REOC membership secretary Teresa Langley, who chose the photos.

And one final delight:

Chris Overton, who has Scottish relations, pointed out to  me a peculiarity of British-style calendars I'd never realized.

The REOC 2022 calendar shows the weeks starting on the left with MONDAY. Not SUNDAY as Americans expect.

I actually think it makes more sense, putting the start of the work week first, and keeping the weekend together on the right. Still, I plan to point this out to every visitor who compliments me on it.

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