Friday, July 10, 2020

Showing my Royal Enfield to my grandchild

Pointing to the motor of a Royal Enfield motorcycle.
"This is the motor," I explain. It isn't making any noise.
Unable to visit our two-year-old grandchild, I made a short video for her, showing off my 1999 Royal Enfield motorcycle.

My hope was to give her parents a moment's respite from caring for her while they attempt to work from home. But I admit to a certain pride that "grandpa rides a motorcycle." She is almost as interested in motorcycles as in dump trucks.

Admittedly, she is most interested in garbage trucks. But I don't have one of those.

The award for cinematography goes to my wife, Bonnie. The Bullet and I both performed without a script. If it had ad-libbed a mechanical problem, it would have been in the video.

Give it a look.

GAPE as I point to my motorcycle!

GASP as I show my protective gear!

SHUDDER as the motorcycle fails to start!

SWOON as the motorcycle finally starts!

LAUGH as I jump up and down to encourage it to run!

STAND BACK as I ride off — on the sidewalk!


  1. What fun after reading your posts for months or years to watch you start your bike and ride off! Thanks for making this little video for your grandchild and ME!

  2. Nice use of a teachable moment! Well done sir.
    Regards - CW -

  3. Arguably the finest and most basic tutorial on the Bullet on YouTube. Certainly the most charming. So, Thumb's up for Grandad, and color me subscribed. Lots of other useful and interesting stuff on that channel:



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