Friday, December 20, 2019

Are you really proud of your Royal Enfield?

Photo of man in yellow jacket riding a Royal Enfield motorcycle.
That's me, happy and proud on my then new 1999 Royal Enfield Bullet.
Are you proud of your Royal Enfield motorcycle? You deserve to be. I'll explain.

Just the other day my wife and I were taking a walk in our Florida neighborhood with our toddler grandchild asleep in her stroller. I guess you could say we were bursting with pride, although no one else was on the sidewalk at the moment to admire our beautiful grand baby.

There came a noise, in the distance, getting closer.

"It can't be," I thought to myself. With the exception of my Bullet, I've never seen another Royal Enfield in our neighborhood. But the sound was — distinctive.

Sure enough, a new looking Royal Enfield Classic 500 thumped around the corner, not going particularly fast. It was Battle Green in color, and the rider wore a dark jacket with a military look, and a courier satchel over one shoulder.

He also wore an enormous grin.

"Royal Enfield," I commented to my wife. We kept walking as the Royal Enfield disappeared around the next corner.

I frankly felt a bit guilty. Here I had been feeling like the proudest grandfather alive. But that rider had looked so happy and proud. I almost felt disloyal to the tot dozing in the stroller. Would I really rather be riding than pushing this stroller?

And then he came around again! Same thump, same wide smile. I practically dissolved.

This was wrong, wrong, wrong!

No motorcycle is much more than steel, rubber, human genius and gasoline. To that a Royal Enfield motorcycle adds heritage, an incalculable distinction.

But compared to my own grandchild? This precious baby!

I mean, well, you know, all things being equal, and oil leaks vs. diapers and gosh, I just don't know. Please don't tell my daughter I wrote this.

But be proud of your Royal Enfield. And smile. Others are looking on, with envy.


  1. I don't have a grandchild, I do have a couple of Royal Enfields though…

  2. David you look really happy riding in the wet suit on your Enfield there, but no gloves to save those precious pinkies, makes me shudder when I see riders not wearing gloves.

    1. I agree and I always wear gloves except in this one instance. The photographer asked me to take a quick spin around the parking lot for the photo. I was flattered and a bit flustered by the request and in my hurry to oblige I failed to put on the gloves, which were in my pocket. I only made one pass and then donned the gloves for my usual commute home. Thank you for a wise reminder. All best.

  3. Forgiven, I assume you were wearing boots and not sandals, some thing else that makes me shudder. Great blogs and I admire your enthusiasm for Enfields. Have a good Christmas, can't wait to see my grandkids.

  4. I don't have a Royal Enfield but I am proud to be a regular reader of! Happy holidays, David! Thanks for all the good reading all year long!

  5. There is no conflict of interests here David.
    Your grandchild instinctively knew that her grandfather is unique, and ROYAL.
    Keep on riding :)


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