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Happy Birthday Bullet: Royal Enfield's classic turns 70

Celebration for the Royal Enfield Bullet at 70.
A rare, twin-cylinder Carberry Royal Enfield among other variations of the Bullet.
The Royal Enfield Bullet turned 70 years old this year, an occasion that did not escape the notice of the Royal Enfield Owners Club UK.

There have been and will be better and faster Royal Enfields, but the Bullet — born in England and nurtured virtually unchanged by more than half century of continued production in India — has set the standard for modern classic renditions of British motorcycles.

Celebration for the Royal Enfield Bullet at 70.
Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles of all ages were recognized.
The International Rally July 19 to 21 at Stanford Hall, an estate in Leicestershire, England, brought out the faithful in unexpected numbers. According to the REOC Facebook page:

"The count-up of Bullets cannot be exactly quoted as they kept rolling in after we ceased the count. However, by noon we had 83 Bullets in the immediate Club Stand area in lines that stretched out towards the entrance. By 1:30 p.m. that figure had topped 100 with an unknown number parked on the opposite side of the entrance road.

"In one additional area alone we were informed that five had arrived together. In total the 'all models' Royal Enfield figure had topped 160 by that point. Additionally there were more bikes remaining in the REOC camping area. To claim a total of approximately 200 Royal Enfields on the day would not be too far off the mark."

Celebration for the Royal Enfield Bullet at 70.
John Ely (in blue shirt) brought the Royal Enfield 500 Twin Johnny Brittain rode in the 1953 International Six Days Trial.
I'm pleased to have these photos and the following report from Andrew Papadakis of the REOC Greek Chapter:

"The biggest Royal Enfield meeting in Europe for the last 15 years took place at Stanford Hall, UK. The Royal Enfield Owners Club and the Taverners Section of the Vintage Motor Cycle Club created a marvelous event. The 'Founders Day' theme was 70 Years of Bullet.

"More than 200 Enfields include 120 Bullets were there!

"Riders from Greece, France and Germany traveled with their motorcycles.

Celebration for the Royal Enfield Bullet at 70.
Christos Pelousis traveled 1,400 miles with his Electra.
"Christos Pelousis with his 2003 Electra 500cc traveled 1,400 miles from Greece and won the award for Long Distance Traveler.

"The Royal Enfield Technology and Development Center in the UK was there with the new Trials Bullet and Hitchcock's Motorcycles were there with very rare Enfields.

Celebration for the Royal Enfield Bullet at 70.
Andy Berry, tuner of Royal Enfields, with his 1955 Bullet short circuit racer.
"Saturday morning had a marvelous ride of 70 Enfields to the National Motorcycle Museum at Solihull.

Celebration for the Royal Enfield Bullet at 70.
Robert Murdoch, known for long-distance rides on his Super Meteor "Olive," left, with Maurice Mumford, engineer for Royal Enfield Britain who helped introduce the Continental GT 535 in 2014.
"No one believed the great event would have so many attendance. The biggest previous event was the 2003 Redditch Revisited with 800 Enfields.

Celebration for the Royal Enfield Bullet at 70.
Jacqui Furneaux, with the well worn Bullet she rode 'round the world
and REOC  members Andrew Papadakis, center, and Christos Pelousis.
"REOC Greek branch was also there with four members!"

In addition to the photos above, Andrew sent this face-paced video walk-through of the event. See how many great Royal Enfields you can spot.

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