Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Best photos from Royal Enfield 650 twins launch tour

Close up of rider on Royal Enfield motorcycle.
Find yourself or your friends in photos from the Royal Enfield 650 launch events.
Or just appreciate my picks of the best photos from the eight-week, eight-city tour, below.
Royal Enfield North America introduced the new Royal Enfield 650 twins in an eight-week launch tour across the United States and Canada this summer. Now they've posted photos of the demonstration rides from all eight cities. Find yourself or your friends in the links below.

Are these just a bunch of pretty photos? No, the photographers did a professional job, producing a staggering number of photos.

"Those photos from the nationwide roll out are terrific," commented John Donlon, of Illinois, who rode an INT650 at the Milwaukee event.

"I sure hope all the effort translates into solid sales figures. I think the Royal Enfield people went above and beyond to promote their machines, did an extremely admirable job and I hope this really pays off for them and the company.  For years, it was only the enthusiasts carrying the torch and now a solid corporate effort with real marketing expertise can do the job the rest of the way."

Royal Enfield said the tour hosted more than 2,000 demonstration rides by more than 1,000 riders.

"The North American riding community did not disappoint, and we are honored to have so many new memories with you," the company said in an email.

My choices of the best photos are here, but go to the linked city names to see the whole take from each event. All photos here courtesy of Royal Enfield North America.

Miami, Fla. May 11.

Summit Point, W. Va. May 18.

Milwaukee, Wis. June 1.

Toronto, Ont. June 8.

San Jose, Calif. June 22.

Brea, Calif. June 29.

San Diego, Calif. June 30.

Denver, Co. July 21.

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