Sunday, January 27, 2019

2019 Dania Beach Vintage Motorcycle Show photos

Man dressed in rain pancho riding a motorcycle.
That's not me, but the owner of this Simplex Servi-Cycle wasn't afraid to ride it in the wet.
My daughter Erin wanted to know: Why would I take my motorcycle to the big motorcycle show when it's raining?

Riding in the rain on a warm Florida day is actually fun, as long as you have weather gear and don't go too fast. But that wasn't the real reason I rode my Royal Enfield to the 13th Annual Dania Beach Vintage Motorcycle Show Saturday, Jan. 26, 2019.

The real reason was this: If someone is willing to bring their spectacular Vincent motorcycle out in the rain and park it there all day, my 1999 Bullet and I are not too precious to get wet.

The rain ended almost as soon as I got to the show, in Frost Park. Sure enough, there were great motorcycles on display and appreciative people looking at them. And the band played on.

I could tell attendance was down, because I was able to get pictures of motorcycles without people walking in front of me.

Powerful black motorcycle on display on grass.
Getting wet: A 1950 Vincent Rapide in American Touring Specification.
And there was a spectacular Vincent, a 1950 Vincent Rapide in American Touring Specification, shown by Stephen Ebbs of Highland Beach, Fla. Seeing it, a show-goer enthusiastically described its features to his partner. His father had a Vincent Black Shadow, the guy explained, and he was named for it, he said.

"What is your name?" I asked, foolishly.

"Vincent," he replied. What else did I expect?

Viewers beneath umbrellas look at motorcycle.
1937 Panther Model 100 abounded with wonderful details.
Next to the Vincent was a 1937 Panther Model 100, shown by Jimmy Sabino of Marco Island, Fla. I didn't get a good photo of this feature, but note the cool, aimable spotlight mounted on the handlebars, one of many great accessories on this motorcycle.

Image of a growling panther appears on gas tank of motorcycle.
Rain dripping down the tank made the logo's Panther appear to be drooling.
Motorcycle motor appears to form a V.
Panther's "sloper" motor serves as front down tube of frame.
Reflectors on back of motorcycle.
Small tube with reflectors at rear of Panther would have held registration documents.
Rain drops appear on manufacturer's name tag.
Panther "Motor Cycles" were proudly made by Phelon & Moore, Ltd., Cleckheaton, Yorkshire, England.
Motorcycles lined up on the grass.
 1970 Norton Commando shown by James Pettus of Stuart, Fla. led a line of English motorcycles.
Empty grass area is marked off.
It's a cheap shot, but I wondered if this long green space was marked off for Harley-Davidsons, which were few in number in the rainy early hours of the show. A fair number of Indians were present.
Motorcycles in parking area, one is covered, mine is not.
I didn't spot any Royal Enfields in the show, but mine was there, uncovered, in the parking area.
The owner of a 2015 Classic saw me and stopped to talk about the coming 650 twins.
Sexy garments offered for sale hang on fence.
I didn't see raincoats for sale, but ladies could get a swimsuit.
Here's my video of the Simplex Servi-Cycle running.

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  1. Cool that you focused on that Panther. Can't ever remember seeing one except in a museum. Thanks for going to the show, and taking us with you!


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