Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Ventura Blue Continental GT 650 is a tribute to Paul

Photo of motorcycle with helmet labelled Venura on it.
Ventura Blue Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 is a tribute to Paul Ventura.
"Ventura Blue" is one of the great new colors coming for the new Royal Enfield Continental GT 650. You might imagine that the name refers to the ocean along Ventura County in California, a mecca for surfing and motorcycling.

The name of the lovely color is in fact a tribute to Paul Ventura, a member of the Royal Enfield team that bought the 650 twins into being. Paul died at 42 years old while motorcycling June 20, 2018. There was a collision with a car near his home in the UK.

He was a product strategy manager for Royal Enfield at its UK Technical Center. But, as an avid motorcyclist, he certainly knew the California coastline.

A dual U.S.-European Union citizen, Paul was educated at the University of Southern California. He served four years in the U.S. Air Force as a combat engineer.

Photo on bulletin board is labelled with old and new names for color.
Designers posted names for colors on a bulletin board.
Ventura Blue was originally to have been Sea Nymph.
After working at Honda as a product planner and at Ducati (in Italy), he joined Royal Enfield in September, 2016.

"I plan and develop motorcycles from conception to completion for Royal Enfield, the world's oldest continuously operating motorcycle manufacturer," he wrote on Linked In. "I'm proud to play a key role in helping achieve current sales of over 500,000 units annually, which are well on track to a million!"

In response to his death Royal Enfield staff raised money for a trust fund for his two children.

One anonymous donor wrote: "Couldn't have worked with a nicer chap, always able to bring people together with any background, make them feel included and make them laugh."

The Just Giving page was illustrated with a photo of Paul smiling while having his face licked by a cow.

Photo of man speaking in video.
Paul Ventura discusses the Royal Enfield 650 twins in video.
Paul described himself on Linked In as "passionate about technology, music, food, and above all, motorcycles."

He appears in the Royal Enfield video "The Royal Enfield 650 Twins — Engineering Fun."

"So these are Royal Enfield's first twin-cylinder motorcycles in a very long time," he says in the video.

"The GT 650 twin and the Interceptor 650 twin, that have true highway capability, exciting handling... They're powerful, they handle, they perform beautifully, but they're also very accessible, very easy."

And very handsome, in Ventura Blue.

Motorcycle with helmet labelled Ventura on railing behind it.
Ventura Blue may be my favorite color for the new Continental GT 650.


  1. What a very fitting way to remember someone, especially as he worked on producing these bikes.

  2. Paul is gone, killed on a non-RE, but he survives in a press release as a pitchman for bikes we can't buy yet. Will RE send Paul's kids to college? Does just anything qualify as fodder for the internet? The guy is dead, Royal Enfield. Let him rest.

    1. The blog post I wrote is my own work. It was not based on a press release. I did ask Royal Enfield for a statement I could include, but there was no reply. The photos of the Ventura helmet were indeed in the press kit but the kit contained no caption explaining what they signified. So I wrote the blog item to try to fill in the blanks (I have no connection to Royal Enfield, I am just a fan). As I mentioned, Royal Enfield staff did contribute to a fund for the education of Paul's children. All in all, I think Royal Enfield's intention in renaming the blue color was to honor the man and his contributions, even if only staff members understood it fully. As I wrote, I suspect most people, most U.S. residents at least, will likely associate the Ventura name with the County in California.

  3. Thanks, David. I'm relieved to hear it. Do you think they leaked it only to you...or in a dozen languages? Pardon my cynicism, I'm a fan too. I'm a David Blasco fan, I feel sure, more than I'm a Royal Enfield fan.

    1. I only wish Royal Enfield would leak information to me! Thank you for your support. I hope someone is listening.


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