Friday, March 30, 2018

'Royal Scrambler' custom Royal Enfield Continental GT

Royal Scrambler custom performing on ice.
I like the looks of the Royal Enfield Continental GT in its stock cafe racer form.

But in custom form, the "Royal Scrambler" by Analog Motorcycles sets the standard for Royal Enfield's cafe racer. I encountered it at the U.S. launch of the Royal Enfield Himalayan this month in Texas. Disclosure: Royal Enfield provided transportation, accommodation, food, entertainment and keepsakes to me at this product launch. The following opinions are my own.

I can't explain it, but the Royal Scrambler manages to look simultaneously clean, lean, tough, very fast and yet surprisingly pretty.

Like several other Analog Motorcycles customs, the Royal Scrambler has been featured on BikeEXIF. It's worthwhile to look at the gallery of Royal Scrambler photos there.

With all the other swell details, here's the one that gets me: you'd expect to see side panels filling the triangle of the frame just ahead of the rear wheel. But, no. It's — empty. This visually lightens the bike tremendously.

The Royal Scrambler custom Royal Enfield Continental GT by Analog Motorcycles.
You can read the full list of Royal Scrambler custom modifications and equipment swaps on the website.

Analog, located in Gurnee, Ill., north of Chicago, was founded by Tony Prust in 2008. He explains why on their website:

"I focused my interests and imagination into creating motorcycles and components that were complex in thought and design, yet simple and pure in execution just like analog music."

To my eye, the Royal Scrambler exemplifies those values.

The Royal Scrambler was built for Royal Enfield and the website warns that "we do not make copies of bikes." But, if you want your own custom build, the website explains what it will take.

Or you could purchase the unique Royal Scrambler itself. Analog Motorcycles advises that its price is $14,900.

Prust relates the thinking that went into the Royal Scrambler and then demonstrates it, on ice, in this entertaining video:


  1. Interesting I remember doing this with a new Hodaka 50 years ago.

  2. I wish I wish I had my Ace 90 again today.... Great bikes!

  3. clarkthespark3/31/2018

    I don't care for the trend to those big front tires we are seeing today


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