Friday, February 16, 2018

What's it like riding a Royal Enfield? This guy knows

15,000 miles on the odometer give this seller the right to comment
about new Royal Enfield Bullets.
If you want to know the truth about Royal Enfield motorcycles, ask the man who owns one.

Now, normally, you'd be wary of words from someone trying to sell you something.

But here's a fellow in Los Angeles with 15,000 miles on his 2013 Royal Enfield B5. He presumably knows what he's talking about in his CraigsList ad:

"This retro bike is a real head turner," he writes.

"Be warned: when you drive this beauty around you will get tons of thumbs up, and plenty of hi-fives from random dudes on the street. People will ask you 'What year is that?' and take pictures of it.

"This Bullet is TONS OF FUN to ride. It's 'pure motorcycling' at it's best. Very simple.

"There is no tachometer, use your ears.

"It vibrates like hell. It's a bit loud.

"The neutral light is busted so you need to go by feel and have a gentle touch. It's slow and kinda sketchy. Again, SUPER FUN.

"There is even an old school kick start, if you want to look extra cool. I recommend the kickstarter if there are attractive ladies present. They will immediately think you are 25 per cent more attractive. FACT.

"Is this bike good for popping wheelies and riding out to Vegas wearing a Mohawk helmet?


"I would avoid freeways unless you are OK cruising in the right lane. Top speed is 76 downhill with the wind behind you. It's just fine for splitting lanes on the 10 (which I did for years), as it's narrow and you are just putting along passing all the suckers stuck in traffic.

"The bike is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for zipping around the city, and chill 'Sunday Funday' cruising."

He doesn't say why he's selling and I don't necessarily recommend you buy from him. But his appraisal of Royal Enfields in general seems accurate to me.


  1. Anonymous2/16/2018

    Yup! And he CAN rub two nickels together (unlike the on-line trolls).

  2. I liked his ad, really speaks about his attitude towards the retro thumper..


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