Tuesday, July 4, 2017

What spy photos tell us about the new Royal Enfield twin

What does this spy photo from RushLane.com tell us
about the new Royal Enfield twin?
Royal Enfield enthusiast John Donlon alerted me to the latest batch of "spy" photographs of the new Royal Enfield twin on the Internet.

He likes what he sees — but I completely misunderstood what he was trying to tell me.

"The handlebars say 'Continental GT 750' but the twin seat and the grab rail behind it say 'Interceptor,'"  John wrote.

"Go take a look."

So I did, but the latest photos show a jacket thrown over the handlebars. I couldn't see any writing. Was John using X-ray vision?

No, not at all. He was referring to how the appearance of the motorcycle relates to great Royal Enfields of the past.

Another Royal Enfield spy photo from RushLane.com
"The handlebars are the same stupid clubman handlebars all the other test bikes have had yet the India motorcycle press somehow still believes the world is going to get a 'Continental GT 750' when the rest of bike screams 'Interceptor.'

"Look at that seat, look at the grab rail, look at that wheelbase. It has to be at least 57 or 58 inches — which is a good 7 inches longer than either the Bullet or the current Continental GT.

"The 1970 Interceptor has a 57-inch wheelbase and the Enfield Rickman Metisse-made in 1970-'71 had a double downtube frame, which also was 57-58 inches.

"The  2017 Harley Street 750 has a wheelbase of 60 inches so it would stand to reason that Royal Enfield is going right at them in street-level sales competition (in India). That 750 is not that powerful (powerful enough) but I'm going to bet Royal Enfield is going after the 'swank' factor. The engine probably is a 45-50 bhp range. Again, just educated guesses but I am definitely excited.

"That wheelbase length speaks volumes — wow! I think they are really going after the 'street prowler' crowd on this one with an obvious homage to the 1970 Interceptor...

RushLane.com photo shows a tidy Royal Enfield twin-cylinder motor.
"So, when you put the whole package together — the big double downtube frame, the Brit-styled twin-cylinder engine, the dual seat with grab rail, the nicely appointed fuel tank, traditional instrument cluster — that makes for a very tasty machine.

"I just hope they don't blow it with the handlebar set up. I'd like to see the TT-style brace handlebars of the late 1960s or the ones that came off later mid-1970s Brit bikes such as the Norton Commando or Triumph Bonneville.

"Do that and I will be at my dealer before they open the front door."


  1. Sorry it's a long url, but there is video of this bike shifting it, and a newer vid too!

  2. It looks like a CB750 with a two cylinder motor. The seat and rear subframe look out of place with the sleek gas tank. If this is so new then why is there rust on the mufflers and exhaust pipes? It may be functional but if it isn't pretty it won't sell! The hole market is going for the /60's styled Caffe racers. Why make something that looks like an /80's left over?


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