Sunday, June 4, 2017

Royal Enfields Rendezvous at 2017 U.S. Triumph rally

Royal Enfields gathered at 2016 Triumph Rally in Pennsylvania.
Royal Enfield enthusiasts will rendezvous at the 24th Annual Triumph National Rally, Friday, Saturday and Sunday June 23, 24, and 25, 2017 at Oley Fairgrounds, 26 Jefferson St., Oley, Pa.

Old and new Royal Enfields are invited.

"We do have a space for all of us to camp straight back from the gate in the lean-to. All modern Bullets are welcome to display and camp with us! The Triumph rally is a great time and there is much to see and do," wrote Brian (aka "RoyalOilField") on the Forum.

Brian provided the photos seen here of their 2016 experience  at the rally.  Reaction to the 2016 Royal Enfield "invasion" was positive on all sides.

A Royal Enfield Clipper at 2016 Triumph Rally.
"It's a great rally site with the Oley Fire Company serving awesome food and many cool Triumphs to ogle over. A very good British swap meet and very friendly bartenders at the Oley Fire Company bar!" Brian wrote.

"Even the Triumph guys came up to us and thanked us for bringing such cool bikes to the rally."

Another Forum member, "Bigtwin," recalled:

"I had a blast. Never saw/heard/rode with so many Royal Enfields and Interceptors at the same time.Big crew from Ontario. Great people, great machines and a great time."

Royal Enfields on "ice cream ride" at 2016 Triumph Rally.
The grounds open at 7 a.m. Friday, and the meet ends at noon Sunday. General admission is $10 a day, which does not include camping or meals.

A Royal Enfield KX V-twin at 2016 Triumph Rally.
Royal Enfields will Rendezvous June 23-25, 2017 in Pennsylvania.

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