Monday, June 19, 2017

Custom Royal Enfield tracker for sale on eBay

This custom Royal Enfield tracker ended up for sale on eBay.
What happens to Royal Enfield specials? This one is for sale on eBay by CafeRacerXXX.

Royal Enfield North America supplied the donor 2014 Continental GT and CafeRacerXXX readers voted on how it ought to be modified and even what color it should be.

Voters chose a tracker, with high-mounted exhaust, over a scrambler or custom cafe build.

Sean Skinner of MotoRelic transformed the machine. The eBay advertisement includes his blow-by-blow description of the build. He did the design, disassembly and assembly but work such as painting went out to specialists.

The end result is eye catching and certainly unique.

Pipeburn noted that, while it was essentially "designed by a committee" it was "a committee that actually had a clue" — motorcycling enthusiasts.

The ironic thing, it seems to me, is that in creating this custom "Royal Tracker" the Continental GT's rearset controls had to be modified to allow conventional straight up-and-down seating.

In other words, it had to be made to work the way every Royal Enfield except the Continental GT works right out of the box.

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