Tuesday, May 2, 2017

What is it worth? 1947 Royal Enfield Model RE

1947 Royal Enfield Model RE 125 for sale on eBay in Connecticut.
It's the smallest and was the least expensive Royal Enfield motorcycle sold in the United States after World War II. But the eBay seller of a 1947 Royal Enfield Model RE in Connecticut thinks it's a money maker.

He writes:

"I think this will be worth big bucks in 10 years... Worth $14,000 in concourse condition. With two grand put into it there's money to be made... I don't care if I sell it so the price is firm. THIS IS THE LOWEST IT WILL BE LISTED FOR."

His eBay ad starts the bidding at $3,300. This for a single-cylinder, two-stroke, 125cc single-seater that currently doesn't run. But it does come with an extra motor and is almost complete, the seller writes. So maybe it is the opportunity of a lifetime.

He's correct about one thing: it's an interesting motorcycle, with three-speed tank shift and rubber band front suspension. It's not far removed from the Royal Enfield Flying Flea models that dropped by parachute during World War II.

Would I love to ride one? Yes! (Although not at this price.)

Many eBay and CraigsList ads are placed by sellers who know very little about the Royal Enfields they have come to own. Sometimes not even the year or correct model is known. Their ads, invariably carrying unrealistic prices, are really pleas for help. They're asking the marketplace to decide the value of their motorcycles.

These sellers could do themselves and their would-be customers a favor by contacting Graham Scarth, chairman of the Royal Enfield Owners Club in UK. He has offered to date these mystery machines by their frame and motor numbers, for free. Details on contacting him are at this link.

Information Graham can supply will help more fairly establish the value of the motorcycle. But the marketplace will have the final word.

The Connecticut seller of this Royal Enfield Model RE believes he knows what he has and has chosen to take the marketplace out of the discussion ("THIS IS THE LOWEST IT WILL BE LISTED FOR").

His Royal Enfield may not sell this time, and he says he doesn't care. If he's right about its potential he can always try again in 10 years.

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  1. I have a 47' Royal Enfield RE125 Mine is complete and I ride it quite often. I acquired my Flying Flea about 20 years ago. The seller said a kid pushed it up hius driveway in 1969, asked if he could leave it over night and never came back for it. The bike was totally locked up. With the help of my brother and others and Hitchcocks I got it running and it runs good. It has an unusual sound, Always makes people look when they hear it. (like a hit n miss) It quite often will win at least 2nd or 3rd place at shows because most small bike were not considered worthy of holding on toand the small displacement even further weeds out competition.


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