Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Now is the time to buy a Royal Enfield motorcycle

Now is the time to go riding. Got Royal Enfield?
Clearly, NOW is the time to buy a Royal Enfield motorcycle in the United States.

The quantity, quality and selection of models I see advertised is better than ever.

That only makes sense. When I bought my Royal Enfield in 2001 I asked the dealer if he had any used Royal Enfields for me to consider.

He shrugged: "There aren't any."

At that point, made-in-India Royal Enfields had only been officially imported into the United States (and in very small numbers) since 1995.

Right now there are plenty of Royal Enfields, new (at dealers) and used (listed on this blog) to choose from.

This isn't always the case. This winter there were so few Royal Enfields advertised I wondered how I was going to keep up my list.

Warmer weather has brought them out of cold storage and onto the market.

Here in Florida I can ride year-around. But it's Buy-Now Ride-Now for people elsewhere in the United States. You get an extra season of riding if you don't wait to buy.

That said, the usual precautions exist. Royal Enfield motorcycles are different and they are not for everyone. Consider:

1. I don't think they are up to U.S. Interstates — not fast enough for long enough. Others will disagree with me on this, but I stick to the side roads.

2. Yes, they are big singles, and they vibrate — it doesn't bother me, but go for a test ride and see for yourself.

3. Dealer numbers are growing but still thin on the ground. It's helpful if you're willing to do a bit of maintenance yourself. Once the warranty is done, find the local Brit-bike mechanic in your town and give him your business.

4. Buying used? Choose carefully.


  1. clarkthespark5/10/2017

    A good and timely article, David

  2. I ride interstates, but only if I have to.

    Mine has had a couple of upgrades performed to help it hold steady at 80, but its not how I prefer to ride, for sure. It is my primary mode of transportation, so I pretty much only do it when I'm late for something and don't have the leisure of back roads.


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