Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Royal Enfield North America reaches 50 dealerships

Line-up of  new Royal Enfields in Milwaukee showroom.
Royal Enfield North America's dealer network grows to 50 with the addition of two more in Wisconsin — one of them the flagship Milwaukee showroom itself.

U.S. practice is that dealers, not distributors, sell motorcycles to the public. So, if you visited Royal Enfield North America's headquarters in Milwaukee's historic Third Ward you could look at new Royal Enfields, but you had to go elsewhere to buy one.

Now dealership services at that showroom and at Muskego, Wis. will be conducted by Indian Motorcycle of Metro Milwaukee.

"Sales have already commenced at the Muskego location, while the operation of the Third Ward location is expected to begin by the end of April," according to the press release.

The press release goes on to quote Rod Copes, president of Royal Enfield North America, and Rob Schopf, owner of Indian Motorcycle of Metro Milwaukee:

Rod Copes: “It’s been a concentrated effort to expand Royal Enfield’s presence in North America. Partnerships with excellent dealer operators are an important part of our strategy to grow our footprint.”

Rob Schopf: “It is always a good day when you can  partner with a company like Royal Enfield that has such a rich history in motorcycling. Royal Enfield is an attractive option for all riders and is a perfect compliment to our current line-up.”

Find your closest dealer at the Royal Enfield North America website.


  1. Not enough!!The US is a HUGE country, they are spread to far and too thin, especially their service centers. This may be the reason, that out of 650,000 RE sold last year, only 650 were sold in ALL of N. America (US and Canada)!!!! Those are pathetic numbers!

  2. clarkthespark4/12/2017

    Indian Motorcycle selling Royal Enfields? Sounds like "Deja Vu all over again" with apologies to Yogi.

  3. I don't have a death wish out on I-88 with an underpowered motorcycle. Give the US that twin with decent highway muscle and people WILL buy. I don't think 60 mph at 3200 rpm is asking a whole hell of a lot. My '76 Bonneville did it with ease.


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