Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Keith restores four remarkable Royal Enfields

A new blog about strange and wonderful Royal Enfield (and other) motorcycles.
The four remarkable Royal Enfield motorcycles he owns (along with one or two other vintage bikes) recently inspired Keith Hodgson of Yorkshire, UK to create a website devoted to his hobby.

His Royal Enfields are:

1912 Royal Enfield Model 160 with two-speed "gearbox." It uses a V-twin Motosacoche engine with strange fins that run parallel with the ground as though refusing to acknowledge the slanted cylinders! This one is all together and Keith hopes to get it running soon with the help of a gentle push down a nearby hill.

1912 Royal Enfield Prototype very similar to the standard 1912 but carrying a V-twin motor of Royal Enfield's own design, with cylinder cooling fins of more familiar appearance. It's possible this then new motor (but not the standard frame it's in) may have raced at Brooklands in 1912. Incredibly, Keith tracked down the original gas and oil tanks for this one. He has nicknamed it the "Green Monster."

1937 Royal Enfield 1140cc Model KX V-twin that had to be pulled out of the previous owner's garden with an engine hoist.

1957 Royal Enfield Bullet Keith restored.

There's more. Keith has possibly the only 1922 Triple H 250cc two-stroke left in existence. He recently discovered a NOS rear brake he needed for it.

"What are the chances of the only owner of a Triple H coming across the only NOS brake pedal in existence?" Keith asks. Well, earlier, he came across the correct motor for the little motorcycle. What were the odds of that?

His website is worth following, if only to share his joy at such discoveries.

He's currently on the look-out for the strangest bulb horn imaginable. Seen in period literature, it's for his 1912 Royal Enfield.

Seen one of these recently? Contact Keith.
You have to wish him luck.

Keith's website is Vintage & Veteran Motorcycles6 and it's a bit different. The site has a separate channel for each of Keith's old bikes (and other channels as well). He adds new material about each bike to the bottom of its channel, so pick the bike you're interested in from the menu across the home page and then scroll down to see what's new.

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