Friday, July 15, 2016

Royal Enfield's new Interceptor... we assume

Motorcycle News shows photos of Royal Enfield twin.
Reader John Donlon of Illinois deserves the credit for first pointing me toward the Motorcycle News website.

"They have a front page story of Royal Enfield's new twin being tested in Spain complete with spy shots. Looks like a Triumph, sort of, and has a front mounted spin-on oil filter and an oil cooler. Dressed up for sale this really looks like it will be  a 2017-2018 Interceptor," he wrote.

John is a strong advocate of Royal Enfield selling a powerful parallel twin to rekindle memories of the mighty Royal Enfield Interceptor of the 1960s. In April, 2015 he spotted spy photos on the Internet of a parallel twin motor in a Royal Enfield Continental GT.

That may have been the beginning of Royal Enfield's marketing campaign for the new motorcycle. The introduction of the Royal Enfield Himalayan adventure motorcycle was marked by a months' long campaign of ever more revealing "spy photos" of the new bike. Some may have been legitimate lucky spottings, but the suspicion lingers that Royal Enfield was just teasing us.

The Motorcycle News photos aren't fuzzy selfies or roadside grab shots. They are professionally produced photos that show both sides of the motorcycle. They will ignite interest across the Internet and maybe cause a few people who are saving up money for a Triumph to wait to consider the new Royal Enfield, when it comes.

The question John and thousands of others across the globe are asking is not whether this new Interceptor is coming, but when.

For now, all MCN could tell us for sure is that this motorcycle was "seen testing here in Spain last week with a predominantly British development team in attendance."

Beyond that, it could only speculate about the motorcycle.

It is indeed easy to assume that this is the motorcycle that explains why Royal Enfield bought out esteemed frame builder Harris Performance, recruited renown designer Pierre Terblanche, developed an engineering center in Britain and freed CEO Siddhartha Lal to move to London to oversee it all.

No wonder John Donlon is excited.


  1. The MCN story says the frame was lengthened to accommodate the engine. The 1970 Interceptor has a 57 inch wheelbase while the current RE models range roughly between 53 and 54 inches. With the 750 in that frame it looks as though they are headed for an updated Interceptor and/or Constellation.

  2. 'tis very sad to compare the pics of this one, with the pics of the '68 Interceptor shown on your 'for sale" sidebar.
    That one has the looks to easily compete with any new Bonneville.
    And with most of the classic1960's Bonnevilles for that matter.

    This prototype will cause precious few "people who are saving up money for a Triumph to wait to consider the new Royal Enfield." And i'm sorry to have to say it.

  3. Looking again at the Continental GT's motor it's a shame that this one doesn't look like a twin version of same

  4. Anonymous12/01/2016

    Looks more like a Meteor - don't yer know .
    It's about ruddy time Royal Enfield had a twin , a chap needs one to haul a sidecar , can't be rebuilding blown Bullet engines forever now can we ? eh what .
    "Good show RE", says yours truly , time to celebrate .
    Bottoms up !
    Bunty .

  5. No wonder the air raid sirens are sounding. Bunty is back! It has been too long, major


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