Friday, May 20, 2016

Ginger Rogers gets a ride in a motorcycle sidecar

"Ginger Learns About Love — On a Motorcycle." She's Ginger Rogers. The motorcycle rider is leading man Joel McCrea. The movie is "Primrose Path."

According to the 1940 ad I spotted in The Miami Herald, the film is "The story of a girl who didn't know a thing about men — and a mother who knew too much. But one little osculation in a motorcycle rumble seat turns her from a tomboy into a glamour girl..."

I guess it was the word "osculation" that got me. It means "kiss."

Ginger Rogers learns about
love, on a motorcycle.
One source says the motorcycle is a Harley-Davidson Model J. The "rumble seat" is actually a sidecar.

You can see the motorcycle outfit and a bit of "Primrose Path" on YouTube.

Later in the movie McCrea shows off on the motorcycle, nearly killing himself and his passenger and finally attracting the attention of the police.

"Cameron," author of The Blonde at the Film blog, provides background information on "The Primrose Path." She had access to unpublished interviews McCrea's son Peter conducted with the star.

McCrea had fun riding the motorcycle around Monterey and Carmel, where location shots were made, Cameron reports.

Despite the comedic ride on the motorcycle, "Primrose Path" is Roger's first real foray into drama. But it is probably better known as the movie she dyed her blonde hair brunette to do.

She also supposedly did the film without make-up (until she's seen to apply it in the movie). But even in the early scenes it's hard to believe anyone is naturally so pretty.

Rogers would win an Oscar for Best Actress for her next film, but there are those who think she should have gotten it for "Primrose Path."

Unfortunately there are no Royal Enfields in the film. I recommend it anyway.

Joe McCrea takes Ginger Rogers for a wild ride in a sidecar.
Photo montage from The Blonde at the Film blog.

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