Friday, April 1, 2016

Don't believe April Fools' stories about Royal Enfield

When it comes to Royal Enfields, you can't always believe your eyes.
Warning: Today is April Fools' Day. People and publications all over the Internet will attempt to embarrass you by perpetrating convincing hoaxes.

Fans of the iconic Royal Enfield motorcycle are particularly vulnerable.

They are invariably trusting people. They believe their Royal Enfields can conquer the world's highest mountains, rescue them from danger and impress the opposite sex.

Yet at the same time they freely admit that a Royal Enfield is quite likely to refuse to start even at high noon on a sunny day. (This is guaranteed not to impress anyone.)

Do not become a victim. Refuse to believe the preposterous stories you will hear today.

Here is a small sampling of April Fools' Day jokes we've seen in the past:

1. Royal Enfield once planned to add bicycle pedals to one model of its motorcycle.

A Royal Enfield motorcycle with bike pedals.
2. Royal Enfields were once built in an underground factory in England during the Cold War.

Scene in underground factory.
3. A Royal Enfield motorcycle on an altar is worshiped as a god in India.

A heavenly motorcycle.
4. "Royal Enfield's 10 Commandments" were written by retired British Army Maj. "Bunty" Golightly, who (we think) never existed.

Definitely not "Bunty."
5. The "Enfield Girl" was a real woman.

The Enfield Girl.
6. The Royal Enfield Flying Flea was used to invade the United States.

U.S. ad for Royal Enfield Model RE.
Whatever you encounter regarding Royal Enfield today, do not believe your eyes.


  1. Anonymous4/02/2016

    Third story is real.

    1. You're right! In fact, all six are real. That was my little joke: that these implausible but true stories had been April Fools jokes. Only the Bi-Mottor illustration is a fake.


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