Friday, January 8, 2016

Royal Enfield sidecar outfit tops a wedding cake

Bride and groom ride a Royal Enfield sidecar outfit;
on a wedding cake.
It might seem odd to encounter a Royal Enfield motorcycle and sidecar on — the online mall for handmade items, vintage goods and crafts.

This striking "wedding cake topper" was spotted by my daughter Erin, a frequent Etsy shopper.

The specially crafted Royal Enfield outfit is the work of "Cindy," of Marshfield, Wis. Her Etsy store Enchanted You features a variety of specialty cake toppers, many of them including motorcycles.

This Royal Enfield appears to have been specially created for bride and groom Leigh and Ron in 2014, and features the happy couple and their pets. Enchanted You's price is $235.

"The price you see will include two pets or one child. However I can make it any way you would like," Cindy writes.

"I worked with polymer clay for 14 years now and really enjoy it. I love working with weddings and brides. As you can see I can make just about anything you are looking for. It would be my pleasure to make a personalized wedding cake topper for you that will become a treasured keepsake for years to come!"

The cake topper is five inches tall and weighs under a pound. I thought it was pretty unique.

But "please note," Erin added when she pointed it out to me: "There will be no vehicles on my wedding cake."

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