Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Even sellers gain appreciation of Royal Enfield motorcycles

A Royal Enfield for sale gives its owner pause.
Often it's the guys selling Royal Enfield motorcycles who write the nicest stuff about them. The author of this ad is selling a 2010 Battle Green Royal Enfield in Tigard, Ore.

He says it best:

"Looking to find a new home for my Enfield. If you are not familiar with these bikes they have been described as being an updated antique motorcycle. It is like riding a piece of history... This is not a corner carving, go fast race bike. This is a simple, easy to ride commuter bike. The manufacturer recommends not going over 75 solo, with a passenger 55 mph. Again it is an aesthetic ride into the past on a retro bike that shakes, rattles and rolls.

"The person who buys this bike may be a person like me who enjoys getting out on the back roads and running errands on their scooter. Or it could be a collector who wants one for their existing collection. I could see this bike being used in a movie; it has as much personality as any actor ever did.

"This bike should not go to someone who wants to buy it for road racing and screaming down the freeway; that is not what this bike is. I did add the very sporty little short pipe. This pipe really lets you hear the rhythm of the big single 500cc thumper engine. The drum beat of this engine works as a feedback to the rider, telling you how many rpms the engine is turning.

"As you can tell I love this bike. I use it more as a chair in the shop than as transportation on the road. Don't really want to, or have to sell it, but figure someone might want to get it as a Christmas gift to themselves."


  1. The last thing I ever want to do when selling anything is "wax poetically" about it. It tells the potential buyer that I screwed up. The RE either cuts the mustard or it doesn't. That's why Sid and Rod had better bring out a twin, and soon.

  2. the way i see it, nobody really hates their bike. My dad had one scooter, that was the worst i have seen never ever getting started in a single kick, and it would just stop running without any reason... yet he had only good words about it..


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