Monday, November 2, 2015

For sale: A unique Indian/Royal Enfield twin

This Royal Enfield twin combines parts developed across 50 years.
A unique Royal Enfield twin assembled by a unique builder has come up for sale in New Zealand.

It's "based around an ‘Indian’ 700cc motor and gear box," writes Tim Busby, of New Zealand. "It features a compilation of various genuine ‘Royal Enfield’ parts from over a 50 year period."

He calls it "a traditionally styled early '50s classic bike that has been fastidiously refurbished throughout."

Tim from NZ is familiar to Royal Enfield enthusiasts around the world thanks to his contributions of experience and advice on Royal Enfield forums.

He is the author of the post on year-to-year changes in the Indian-made Royal Enfield Bullet that is a fixture on this blog.

But he is best known for his insistence on the use of quality parts and careful assembly when renewing vintage Royal Enfields. Even "factory" standards, British or Indian, are never good enough for him.

It would be quite something to own a Royal Enfield he assembled. Here's how he described this one:

"If you were not aware, from 1955 through 1960 the Royal Enfield range of motor cycles was ‘customized’ and re-badged for supply to the U.S. market under the Indian brand.

"This bike is a hybridization of Indian (USA), Royal Enfield (UK), and Indian (India) Enfield parts. Nothing has been altered or changed to make anything fit! Every thing is fully interchangeable!

"Because the frame is from a 1951 Bullet (same frame as the twins) that is ultimately what the bike will (should) be registered as. But it can just as easily and honestly have Indian name plates on the tank and motor.

Trailblazer twin was a special Royal Enfield for the USA.
"1955 Indian (USA) Trailblazer 700cc motor and gear box, fitted into a 1951 Royal Enfield (England) Bullet frame. At present fitted with 2004 Royal Enfield (India) disc front end and mudguards. (Can fit Royal Enfield twin leading-shoe drum front brake if buyer prefers.)

"The Bullet frame is from a bike that was shipped to Christchurch, NZ in 1951, but unfortunately for the bike it had been sitting dismantled in a farm shed since the early 1970s.

"The motor and gear box were originally supplied as a 'spare parts' unit that was shipped off to Springfield mid 1955, as part of the first consignment of Indian Trailblazers.

"The engine and gear box have matching assembly numbers (circa May, 1955). Perfect bore and original pistons, as-new big end journals (no measurable wear), refurbished with new bearings and rings, exhaust valves and springs, all new chains, and has a dynamically balanced crankshaft.

"Excellent gear box and gear change, with all new sealed bearings and bushes, no slip or drag from the clutch (new plates and springs).

"The engine features a pair of ‘sports’ cams, (standard fitment in the Trailblazer engines). The heads are fitted with hardened valve seats from new, and factory gas-flowed. Lucas SR2 magneto completely overhauled and in perfect condition: new points, coil, condenser, rotor and leads. New battery and wiring, new alternator and 12-volt electrics with quartz halogen headlight.

"Leather covered seat. New tires and tubes. Starts first/second kick every time, perfect even idle, no rattles, or clanks, runs clean at all revs with no hesitation, misfire or smoke trail!

"A strong performer with excellent brakes to match. Comfortably pulling a top gear of  4.3–1. 3,400 rpm at 100 kph (60 mph) at which speed it is running as smooth as silk and returning approximately 65-70 mpg.

"Perfectly suitable for modern day-to-day use or touring.

"Priced as is, but can be re-VIN’d registered and warranted on behalf. Optional new paint and Indian transfers on tank with color to buyer choice: red or black?

"Other options on front brake: disc (as fitted) or drum? Carburetor: Monobloc or Concentric? Dual seat or solo?

"Offers over NZ $8,000." Call for more details. (+64)-6-7522029.

"If any one does buys the bike from overseas, I can coordinate/expedite international packaging etc."

To contact Tim about the motorcycle, email


  1. Anonymous11/03/2015

    Reminds me of that Johnny Cash song, " I stole it one piece at a time and it didn't cost me a dime." If our friend in New Zealand can do this then what's the hold up with Eicher?

  2. Fast or last , I own it now . What an incredible bike . Tim sure did a sterling job.Thanks Tim .

    1. Congratulations. I'm a long way from New Zealand but I sure wish I could have Tim "go over" my bike.


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