Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The man who harnessed 4 Royal Enfields to a chariot

Keith Wong of Zacky's Custom Rods with
a beaked bike from a different project.
Pulled by four Royal Enfield motorcycles, the incredible chariot in the new Macklemore and Ryan Lewis music video "Downtown" was built by Keith Wong, of the North Seattle, Wash. shop Zacky's Custom Rods.

Zacky's advertises "Bikes Built to Order."

Keith Wong was good enough to email me an account of the "chariot" order:

"It was amazing. I was approached by Ryan Lewis and Macklemore to build something 'over the top' for their video 'Downtown,' and as you can see, it materialized!

"I had two weeks to complete the project. The first week I spent thinking how I was going to be able to string these bikes together, and make them actually be able to be controlled by reins. Then the fabrication began, which was a challenge. To my knowledge this has not been done before.

"So to answer your questions, yes it's totally drivable, and I actually had an hour to teach Eric Nally (driver in the video) how to operate it.

"The bikes are strung together with a series of bars mounted with custom plates, all able to be removed without the bikes being modified, so the Royal Enfields absolutely maintained their integrity.

Removable framework links four Royal Enfield motorcycles together.
"Ryan Lewis is the master mind behind the look and he is who selected the type of bikes. I was surprised he didn't use Harley Davidsons!

"The chariot has custom foot controls and a few other bells and whistles besides a giant metal eagle head (created by John Lavin).

"I believe the chariot will be used on tour and eventually the bikes will be sold here in the U.S."

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