Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Royal Enfield sidecar ideas you never thought of

If you can imagine a motorcycle doing it, you'll see it on Haul N Ride.
UPDATE: Jorge Pullin at the My Royal Enfields blog has indeed found an example of a Royal Enfield fitted with twin sidecars.

I expected more photos of Royal Enfield motorcycles with sidecars when I called up the Haul N Ride website, and there are some there.

Most of what is there is a crazy collection of both practical and monumentally impractical ideas for hauling people and things by motorcycle.

Created out of an interest in "accessible motorcycles" for those with special needs, Haul N Ride branches out into modified controls, leaning sidecars, motorcycles that pull trailers and trailers that are motorcycles.

How about an ATV with wheelchair seating? Beach wheelchairs, wheelchair boats, wheelchair accessible airplanes...

It's not just wheelchairs. Perhaps you'd like to haul a house trailer with your motorcycle? Or ride a motorcycle shaped like a giant cheeseburger, with lettuce, onions and tomatoes? Really — who wouldn't?

My own two favorite lunatic sidecar ideas:

1. A motorcycle inside a sidecar, along the lines of the Royal Enfield Dreamliner (nothing like this seen on Haul N Ride).

2. A motorcycle with a sidecar on each side (Bingo!).

Sorry, no lane splitting on this baby.
And there are plenty of other unusual ideas on Haul N Ride. As the website says, "Grab a coffee, there are a lot of amazing bikes (and other things) to explore!"

Haul N Ride could use up a lot of your Saturday.

Like what you see? There are links to the companies that make some of the outlandish/practical gear you see here. Really. You can buy this stuff.

The website was created by the Australian parents of a daughter in a wheelchair who wanted to include her in their motorcycle rides. In "Shanniah's Story" they explain (with step-by-step photos) how they went about creating a sidecar for her.

Shanniah got her sidecar and the rest of us got a gift of an (awe) inspiring website.

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