Friday, March 20, 2015

1970 Royal Enfield Series II Interceptor was rare

Royal Enfield Interceptor Series II: "There aren't enough to go round."
A 1970 Royal Enfield Interceptor brochure for sale on eBay in Coventry, Conn. tells us something about the standing and price this legendary motorcycle commanded back in the day.

The brochure, in apparently excellent shape, includes some handwritten notes added at the time, apparently, by the Royal Enfield dealer.

To quote from the brochure:

"Introducing the Series II Seven-Fifty Interceptor

"When it was announced that Enfield Precision Engineers Ltd. — a company famous in England for the manufacture of aircraft and guided weapon components — were to take over the complete manufacture of Royal Enfield Interceptor motorcycles instead of producing only the engine, everyone knew that something special would follow, and here it is, a completely new Stage II Interceptor.

"This machine is not mass produced but is made under toolroom conditions in a precision engineering factory where only a limited number are made each year embodying all the skill and craftsmanship for which England is famous.

"Not everyone can have one. There aren't enough to go round. That is why the owner of an Interceptor always has something special. Something the other fellow hasn't got."

Circled with a red pen are the words "There aren't enough to go round" and the price $1,575 has been hand written at the bottom.

I doubt that was the out-the-door price. But unless it is a true "low ball" offer, it's extremely competitive for a big motorcycle, even in 1970.

At the same time, Honda's CB750 four was introduced with a price of $1,495, but that would have equaled a final price $1,800 or more.

The mass produced Honda would never be rare.

Not so the Interceptor Series II.  According to Royal Enfield enthusiast Chris Overton, who has made a study of the numbers, only 1,201 complete Series II Interceptors motorcycles were recorded.


  1. There are 5 series II with in a twenty mile radius of me! Where are the other 1196 of them???

  2. That's amazing. Where do you live?

  3. I live in central New Jersey. I am not far from Bristol, Pa but I doubt that has any connection.

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