Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Royal Enfield rider counts thumps with health monitor

Is your Royal Enfield motorcycle an exercise machine?
Who saw this one coming? A user of a personal activity monitor (to count his steps) has noticed that the device counts the thumps as he rides his Royal Enfield!

"Vivek" wrote on an online forum:

"I noticed it today, maybe because the bike vibrates a lot, while riding my Royal Enfield (my) Misfit was counting the vibrates as steps. Does anyone else have this issue with Misfit? What are the other apps I can play around with to see if this happens with all of them?"

The Misfit website specifically says its monitor will count the number of times you pedal a bicycle. So it is pretty sensitive.

Vivek seems to consider this a problem, but I think some Royal Enfield owners will consider it a badge of honor.

I see it as just one more bit of evidence in the ongoing discussion: Does Riding a Royal Enfield Help You Lose Weight?


  1. Anonymous1/07/2015

    This has "tachometer" written all over it! ;^)

    ~ Matt

    1. I agree. At the end of the day his monitor showed 9,000 steps although he had barely walked. What would it have shown if attached directly to the motor? Be fun to find out.


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