Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Royal Enfield Super Meteor on 2015 calendar

Here is a Royal Enfield 2015 calendar. Click on it to make the dates readable.
Here's a Royal Enfield themed 2015 calendar for you.

The calendar features the classic 1956 Royal Enfield brochure illustration showing a lucky young couple touring on their Royal Enfield Super Meteor. This 692cc twin was a new model that year. It came with an improved motor, offering 40 horsepower.

"At last Enfields had a 100-mph machine, for on test Motor Cycling managed to exceed the magic ton by one mph," wrote Roy Bacon in "Royal Enfield, The Postwar Models."

The Super Meteor featured new bodywork that some critics thought made it look heavier than the 700 Meteor it replaced. Perhaps the illustrator made both the man and woman in the picture super-model thin to compensate!

According to the sales brochure, the Super Meteor features "robust swinging arm spring frame of entirely new design... The battery, air cleaner and toolbox are housed in a streamlined container with quickly detachable covers."

It's that big central container that gave the Super Meteor the heavier look. The big divided box under the seat had the tools and air filter on the left and the battery on the right.

1956 Royal Enfield Super Meteor had curvaceous new frame and big box for messy bits.
The new look was well in line with the "enclosure" style being introduced on competing brands of British motorcycles at the time.

Ironically, the "look" that endures on Royal Enfield Bullets from India today is the older angular frame with separate air filter box, two toolboxes and battery box, all circa 1955.

Click here to download a pdf of this calendar.

Happy New Year from this Royal Enfield Motorcycles blog.

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  1. Could this be a teaser for what is really in the pipeline?


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