Friday, October 31, 2014

Musket V-twin Royal Enfield order form posted

The Musket V-twin Royal Enfield. Now you can order one.
"Awesome." That's what I called a Jan. 1, 2009 YouTube video of a home-made Royal Enfield V-twin starting and running as the excited young man who built it rejoiced.

"What do you think of THAT!" he yells, as the motor runs. Royal Enfield enthusiasts around the world loved it, and have viewed it 186,000 times so far.

Now Aniket Vardhan has posted the order form for the complete Musket V-twin Royal Enfield.

There are six motors available, for now, to customers in the U.S. You can buy it as a kit for $5,990 or have Aniket put it together for you for $12,750 plus your good donor iron barrel Royal Enfield Bullet 500.

Extras — such as Carillo rods and roller big ends to withstand the Ace performance modifications — will cost extra. Many things will cost extra as your Bullet clutch, just for instance, will have to be in good condition to suddenly confront 998cc.

The Musket is, obviously, a custom product. Any illusions you might have about how cheap and easy it would be to double the size of the old Royal Enfield motor and put it into a Bullet frame will disappear when you view the step-by-step photo gallery.

Many enthusiasts have day-dreamed about making a V-twin out of the Bullet and returning it to the glory days before World War II when you could have purchased a Royal Enfield V-twin from Redditch, England.

Aniket Vardhan, a young Ohio man originally from New Delhi, did it. That was impressive. The fact that he has made it possible for you to come along on the ride is, well: Awesome!

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