Friday, September 19, 2014

Custom Royal Enfield Military gets tougher look

Once a Royal Enfield Military model, this custom keeps getting tougher.
Time for another look at a custom Royal Enfield first featured here a year ago.

Dan Raleigh of Minnesota continues to shape his one-time 2007 Royal Enfield Military to his own taste.

"You did a feature on my bike a while back and I thought you might to see what I've done to the Enfield lately. Me and my buddy fitted up a Sportster tank to my '07 Military. Along with the other changes over the years, I think this new tank really adds to the slim-line look that the bike is shaping into," Dan wrote.

Sportster tank changes the lines.
"I'm really pleased with the look of the tank. It's from Cleveland Motorwerks. Petcock and gas line are from Lowbrow customs. I wanted to keep the look of the slightly rusted tank, so I clear coated the tank with clear plastic dip."

What to do with the battery is always a consideration on customs, it seems. I commented that I liked the military-look bag Dan has on the left side of his motorcycle.

Somehow, this motorcycle just says "Vroommmm!" to me.
"I think I mentioned the battery cover before, but it's just an old canvas style shoulder bag that I cut up and stitched to fit around the battery," Dan replied.

"I'd like to get a new gel battery and relocate it somewhere out of the way. Always something to do..."

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