Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How badly do modern Royal Enfields vibrate? Not b-a-a-a-d

This video shows what happens to the spring when the motor of this Continental GT revs up.
How badly do modern Royal Enfield motorcycles vibrate? It's a common question and most people asking it assume that one big 500cc piston thrashing back and forth in a long bore will make itself felt.

I always respond that vibration isn't an issue for me at the low speeds I ride my 1999 Bullet. I sensed no vibration at all while riding the Royal Enfield Continental GT much faster during its press launch in Britain. I was too busy coping with riding on the left to worry about it!

A recent discussion on the BCF Bike Chat Forums focuses on the vibration visible in this Hitchcocks video of a Royal Enfield Continental GT.

Watch what happens to the rear spring when the fellow demonstrating the Continental GT revs the motor.

It's literally shaking!

An excellent video study of vibration in a British single is this YouTube video posted by Lone Wolf of the Moonshiners Motorcycle Club. Look what happens when a camera is attached to the handlebars of a BSA B31. Then compare the difference when the camera is attached to the rider's helmet.

It's easy to conclude that a big British single does indeed vibrate, but your body absorbs the worst of it before it reaches your head.


  1. Anonymous6/12/2014

    Oscillating dear chap ,oscillating ! Not shaking .
    I must say the Hitchcock bike is a looker -eh what .The short Dunstall style exhaust is a gem, bet the little bugger lets out a roar when she gets "on the mega" . Proper clip-ons too - that's the ticket , none of your standard shilly-shally wannabe cosmetic stuff .
    All in all good effort that man .
    Two Beezas there Blasco , B31 [350] and B33 [ 500 ]. Not unpleasant vibrations , nice bikes but alas they don't have the pedigree of Royal Enfields - quite so . Built down to a price are yer Beezas not built up to quality like yer Enfields - just so .
    Vibrations from a Triumph will reach one's head , mmn indeed .
    Haar haaaar haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar !

    Your servant ,
    Maj Bunty Golightly MBH , Defender of the Kickstart , Companion of the Royal Floatchamber .

    1. Then you would describe it as not entirely unpleasant, eh Major? Well, that is something to think about.


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