Friday, May 16, 2014

Royal Enfield's new logo is Liked and Unliked

Royal Enfield's new brand logo swirls in a new direction.
Royal Enfield introduced its new logo and branding May 9 to anguished howls from traditionalists, especially in India. The company's Facebook page was treated to screen after screen of criticism like this:

"Bad bad news. We love you for what you kept, not for so call innovations. Plus the new logo is just ugly!"

"Old British charm has gone."

And one fan noted the irony that the announcement of the new logo on the Royal Enfield website was presented against a backdrop of the old — and preferred — tank badge.

Many seem to prefer the old logo (left).
There were thousands of Facebook "Likes" as well, but it's safe to say that people in general dislike change. Blogger Jorge Pullin investigated and found that the old logo had been in use at least as far back as 1923.

Outside India, a different sort of reaction might be expected — or feared. I suggested that the new logo was a way of saying that Royal Enfield is a "proud product of India."

"Glad my bike has the classic Royal Enfield graphics; this new look is not Western taste in my mind," was one comment on my Facebook page.

But Aaron Toma, also commenting on Facebook, dismissed the notion that the new logo only caters to India.

"The old logo is just as 'Indian' as it is 'British' if you ask me. Sixty years in India and it's an icon."

The company itself wasn't replying to criticism, but others spoke out for the new look.

New Royal Enfield badges.
"What we see when we look at the new Royal Enfield brand is PROGRESS!" responded Royal Enfield of Fort Worth.

"They are keeping up with the times and making a huge push to claim their place in the biker world — especially here in the U.S. This new image they have taken on is showing the others that we're ready to take on this modern world with our vintage ride. Royal Enfield said it best: 'Our logo is now fresher, more vibrant and contemporary, while rigidly holding on to its British-motorcycling roots.'"

And there is the future to think of.

"I am really excited to see the new branding for Royal Enfield," said Ignacio Catral of Catral Doyle Creative Co. The Milwaukee design firm supports Royal Enfield marketing efforts in the U.S.

The new monogram may become the most familiar element.
"I think it does a great job modernizing the logo and brand elements. I think it will make the brand more approachable to a younger audience while still retaining some of the flavor of the original. I specially like the new monogram and the resurgence of the Made Like a Gun crest. I am looking forward to seeing it on the new bikes."

They're still "Made Like A Gun."

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  1. I am undecided about the main logo and the crest, I love the new badges, especially the single wing badge, but I can't stand the monogram. I see good and bad across the board. The bolder colors are definitely a nice change.


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