Friday, May 30, 2014

Royal Enfield Continental GT: ready for twin power?

What's that empty mount doing on the left side of the new Royal Enfield Continental GT?
There's something funny about the new Royal Enfield Continental GT. I didn't spot it until it was pointed out in a YouTube review by PowerDrift.

The PowerDrift riders evaluate the Continental GT from the point of view of The Enthusiast, The Tourer and The Racer. It's a lengthy review filled with stirring footage of the Continental GT posing, rambling over rocks, and cornering at full lean as if on a race course.

The overall verdict is positive of course, but the riders gather at the close and agree that the Continental GT's shortcoming is its engine — there needs to be more of it. The 535cc single is not enough.

"We are all happy; it's just the engine," one reviewer says.

"But there's another way to look at it," another says. The rest of the bike is up to more power. And there is a suspicious mount on the left-hand side that could be used for a second exhaust.

In other words, Royal Enfield is already accommodating a twin.

Maybe so. Either that or it's for the sari guard.

Check out the PowerDrift video.


  1. Anonymous5/30/2014

    A spare bracket - eh ?
    Also ,I hear there is an offset split crankcase , one doesn't have to be Sherlock ruddy Holmes to know that Enfield have a plan afoot - by gad .
    A twin perchance ?
    With sidecar brackets ,[if you would be so kind Enfield] .
    65 horsepower would be sufficient for now , with scope for tuning ?- just the job !

    In the meantime a 40 hp kit for the 535 ? By Jove the bugger would do the ton !

    I had a rather large sherry with me lunch , time for a snooze .
    Wake me up when it's a reality ,there's a good fellow .
    Ah to sleep , perchance to dream , one hopes Bunty hasn't shuffled off this mortal coil afore the twin is born - aye there's the rub .

    Yours etc

  2. Anonymous5/30/2014

    Looks like a mounting bracket for passenger pegs.

  3. Prior to production, the concept bikes making the show circuit all featured the double down tube frame. When I noticed the frame, I began to speculate it was designed for a larger engine. There was no way that a 500cc engine needed a frame that strong. Good news, all. I'm looking forward to the twin.


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