Monday, April 7, 2014

My Royal Enfield is reliable; it's just sensitive

My Royal Enfield Bullet, gassed up and ready to ride.
For me, Sunday's Royal Enfield One Ride day included, indeed, exactly "one ride."

On Saturday I cleaned the spark plug and points on my 1999 Bullet, checked the tire pressures and even examined the air cleaner — it looked fine.

I mentally planned what clothes to wear and what route to take. I knew I would arise early Sunday, in plenty of time, because I would be too excited to sleep.

It was still dark when I pushed the Bullet from the garage and began the starting procedure.

Switch ON!

Oh, oh. The headlight barely glows. The Bullet won't start without electricity. Kick after kick brought not even a burble from the motor.

Out came the battery charger. I gave it only a few minutes, as I suspect the charger is too strong for motorcycle batteries.

Switch ON! The headlight is bright. One kick. VRRROOOOOOOMMMMmmm!

The Bullet sprang to life. But it wouldn't keep running unless I kept the revs up. Left to idle the headlight would dim and the motor stall.

I went for a long blast up U.S. 1, hoping the battery would build strength. But it didn't seem to want to hold a charge. I took a chance and stopped to attend church. After mass the Bullet did start, but not willingly. I would not be going anywhere else today that would require stopping the motor.

I rode home and returned the Bullet to the garage. I'll give the battery another try in the morning and if it's dead I'll start shopping for a new one.

My theory: the poor Bullet just couldn't stand the pressure of having to perform on one specific day out of 365. It's not unreliable. It's just sensitive.


  1. Anonymous4/08/2014

    Blasco you old cheapskate , it's about time you raided the jolly old old piggy bank and bought a new battery - don't yer think ?
    Can't always rely on the Almighty and divine intervention to get us home ,can we eh?
    Your servant ,
    Bunty etc .

  2. And If we DO we may or may not get home, as the Lord works in mysterious ways. As does Joseph Lucas, for that matter.

  3. Classic Enfield behavior ... glad it's not just mine.

  4. Showing it's English heritage…doing the same things as my rattletrap '65 triumph was doing in 1975


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