Monday, February 17, 2014

Simple yet elegant describes this Royal Enfield

Clean lines, large tank and delicate chrome touches distinguish this Royal Enfield Bullet.
I'd call it a simple yet elegant look. Ray Vanegas of Houston, Texas, shared these photographs of the very clean 1956 Royal Enfield Bullet he recently acquired. I asked him to describe it and he replied:

"I was looking for a vintage bike for a couple of years and found this beauty here in Houston. It came to me nearly as you see it. I only added the rear luggage rack and the front fender plate.

"Two sellers ago, the owner imported it to U.S. from India. And then updated it with several thousand dollars of parts and man hours. He paid to have the work done by a local shop north of Houston.

Extra wide seat matches extra wide tank.
"New wheels, tires, levers, chain guard, seat, powder coated the frame, gloss paint for the bike parts, updated the electrics to 12 volts, points/condenser, silencer, handlebars, kick lever, foot pegs and miscellaneous bolts and nuts.

"Essentially, a nearly complete restore minus the engine. I have all receipts for parts and labor and no engine or transmission or fuel work is shown.

The engine stamp is a G2 series and matching gear box. I was told based on the stamped number it started out as a 350cc in 1955, assembled in India in '56 and possibly at that time bored to 500cc. Sold new in November, 1957 to the first owner.

"I have the original registration owner's book with tax and reg stamps from the first owner to the import date in 2009.

Simple large tail light keeps it clean. Early Bullets like this one had very flat-sided toolbox lids.
"The fuel tank is a custom, utilizing the original form and adding two side pods and then refinishing work to create a new tank with a capacity of 5.7 gallons. Don't know where the highway bars came from and don't really care for the component material but they are functional and give me another set of foot rests.

"I ride at least once per week for a few hours. As you can imagine, I get a lot of positive comments and it gathers a crowd everywhere I stop.  I'm contemplating adding a side car to the set-up so my lovely and supportive wife can join me on my adventures."

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