Friday, February 7, 2014

Royal Enfield rat-bike bobber is a low-rider custom

Startling, low-riding rat-bike bobber with a Royal Enfield motor.
A Royal Enfield twin-cylinder motor in a radical rat-bike bobber for sale on CraigsList in Martinsburg, W. Va. introduced me to After Hours Bikes of Cooper City, Fla.

It was quite an introduction. I gaped.

My first thought, based on the CraigsList ad, was "Aiiiiii!"

Half the fun is guessing how it works.
But you can't not look at it, and the more I looked the more intrigued I was.

"You are looking at a custom Indian bobber built and titled in 2011 by After Hours Bikes," the seller wrote in his ad.

"...The bike has full air ride adjustable suspension, Model A rear wheel with a cheater slick; so many unique things I can't even list them all. The motor is a 1957 Indian Chief motor." Asking price is $14,500.

Look closely for the welded chain shifter.
After Hours Bikes FaceBook page makes it very apparent that they build their motorcycles to please themselves and their customers; what I think doesn't matter.

After Hours Bikes are very long and very low, typically have V-twin power and many adopt a more polished look than the one on CraigsList.

This one celebrates its rat-bike look. The rusty metal and a West Virginia license plate bent to form a battery box speak for themselves. Look closely to see the hand shift for the Albion transmission, a welded chain.

Its builder answers only to himself and his customers.
I'm not sure how anything else works. The exhaust outlets look a little close to the rider. I don't see how the rear wheel is sprung, if it is. Are those rear pegs for a passenger? Why is there a secondary, middle sprocket? Is that a spare gas tank on the back? What is the round container riding behind the front wheel?

See? Intriguing.

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  1. Anonymous2/07/2014

    I think there is an extra 0 on the price they have listed...


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