Saturday, February 8, 2014

Royal Enfield price cut puts the Bullet in the lead

Royal Enfield's value leader is the most iconic of the Bullets, the B5.
The dramatic cut in starting prices for Royal Enfield motorcycles in the United States puts the entire line within easier reach of customers.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices for Royal Enfield motorcycles listed on the Royal Enfield USA website are now:

  • $4,999 Bullet 500 B5
  • $5,399 Bullet G5 Deluxe
  • $5,499 Bullet C5 Classic
  • $5,499 Bullet C5 Military
  • $5,699 Bullet C5 Chrome
  • $5,999 Continental GT

In another change, MSRP in California is now no higher than in the other 49 states.

The price cut comes not at the end of a riding season, as might be expected, but just as riders consider what they want to have for spring.

The price leader is the B5, the Bullet designed to most resemble the beloved machine that kept the brand alive in India for more than 50 years.

From any distance, the B5 looks much like the 1999 Bullet in my own garage. And now the price looks the same too!


  1. Anonymous2/10/2014

    interesting that nobody comments on this amazing news :)

    1. Yes. Unfortunately the blog format makes commenting so much trouble few items draw any discussion. The comments on Facebook seem to be two: happy potential customer, unhappy customer who already bought.

  2. Anonymous2/10/2014

    its true. david, this is amazing website. comments or not. thanks for all the news, opinions, reviews


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