Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Riding a Royal Enfield as a Distinguished Gentleman

A Distinguished Gentleman prepares to ride his Royal Enfield through Sydney.
It's disgraceful but we all do it. Any time a favorite shirt or pair of jeans picks up a stain we tuck it away to use "on the motorcycle."

That's fine if you mean "to wash the motorcycle." But we've got to resist actually wearing those comfy but saddle sore clothes to ride.

It's really for the best, especially now that there is The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.

Motto: Live Tweed. Ride Dapper.

Reader David Blankenhorn pointed out that the 2013 video of the Sydney, Australia ride is on Vimeo now.

A Royal Enfield awaits the Sydney, Australia ride.
"Even though the Enfield is the obvious bike of choice for the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride I spotted only one in the official Sydney, Australia ride... which is the mothership of the event," he wrote.

I think I spotted two Royal Enfields, but see what you can see. It's a delightful ride video.

The organization says it is still editing a second video combining the 145 rides in 110 cities in 38 countries around the world that took place in 2013. More than 7,000 dapper riders participated. The event raised more than $275,000 (Australian) dollars for worldwide medical research into prostate cancer.

The website explains:

"It is about classic bikes, retro, cafe racers, bobbers, flat trackers and customs. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride can be held in any city of any country. We attempt to keep it to these types of bikes to ensure the event stays small and true to its roots.

"In 2014, we are aiming for 150 cities across the globe with a total of 8,000 people riding, raising awareness for men’s health issues and raising funds to distribute to charities worldwide.

"If you would like to organize a ride for DGR in 2014 please email "

I didn't participate last year. Blankenhorn challenged me to lead a ride this year.

"I trust, Sir, that you will endeavor to ensure that Enfielders are suitably represented in next Yr's DGR festivities… perhaps even starting a ride in Fort Lauderdale, or participating in the one in Orlando," he wrote.

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  1. I will endeavor to attend next yr.'s ride on my Enfield, attired in a Tuxedo that belonged to my late father, yet another David Blankenhorn.


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