Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Custom Royal Enfield C5 is named Tequila

You'll never guess what I like most about this custom Royal Enfield.
"Tequila" is the name of this customized Royal Enfield motorcycle. It has an unusual history.

Its builders saw an opportunity, not a problem, when a 2012 Royal Enfield C5 fell over and was damaged a few days before the 2013 Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Dallas

Jeff Azcona with Royal Enfield of Fort Worth brought it back to life as a custom for the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Competition. It won the People's Choice Award.

Lots of late night hours went into meeting the deadline, but my favorite touches are the ones that probably took the least time! I like the black tape on the headlight and especially the colorful Mexican poncho strapped behind the seat.

Here's a video walk around of Tequila:

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