Monday, September 23, 2013

The best video of the Royal Enfield Continental GT

The Royal Enfield Continetal GT cafe racer makes you want to ride.
This is the video that will convince motorcyclists around the world to buy the new Royal Enfield Continental GT.

It's the best of several videos on the Royal Enfield website and is entitled "The Royal Enfield Continental GT Story."

Buyers will want to bookmark it to show friends who question what draws them to the sexy looking (but comfortably slow) cafe racer.

Some will be mystified.

"For my money Enfield hasn't moved the game on at all," John Urry wrote in Piston Heads after riding the Continental GT from London to Brighton with other journalists this month.

His mount stalled four times before it left the parking lot at the Ace Cafe. "Call me picky, but I expect a 2013 fuel injected bike to be able to fuel itself without my interference," he wrote. Once going he found too much vibration and too little speed.

"Charming," he called the Enfield but, at the price, not for him.

He needs to watch the video a few more times.

The video, as expected, shows off the new cafe racer to a rock'n'roll sound track. But it starts with the history of the the cafe racers, the Rockers, the original Continental GT of 1965 and Royal Enfield in Britain.

"If you bought a Royal Enfield it was Job Done," the video begins. "It was King of the Hill."

We hear about the history from author Gordon May, Redditch-era sales manager Roger Boss, Sideburn magazine editor Gary Inman, Men's File editor Nick Clements, Mark Wilsmore of Lewis Leathers and some actual Rockers.

These guys aren't selling the new Continental GT; they're explaining in effect why the original, marketed in 1965, was so cool. They make you want to go back in time and live it.

And, suddenly, you can!

Because here comes the story of how the new Continental GT was created to pay homage to  the Swinging '60s. Steve Harris of Harris Performance, which designed the frame and Mark Wells of Xenophya Design, which designed the body, explain their role.

Finally, from Royal Enfield India, product designer S. Sivakumar wraps up the motivation behind creating the new motorcycle.

Let me spoil the video's kicker for you: "the fastest, lightest, most powerful Royal Enfield in production." See the appeal? Still no? Watch the video!

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