Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A surprising Royal Enfield cafe racer from Fort Worth

A Royal Enfield cafe racer without the usual stripped down look.
You might question your decision to wait for the new Royal Enfield Continental GT cafe racer when you see this cafe racer put together by Royal Enfield of Fort Worth, Texas. It's the dealership's first effort to build a cafe racer and it's not like others you see.

And it's for sale. According to the ad:

"Originating from a stock G5 chrome and black model, this cafe was born with nearly every upgrade you could add. The gas tank and cafe style seat was special ordered to give it that special look. The rear sets force the rider in a position natural to how a cafe racer should ride. The wrapped exhaust has been upgraded to an upsweep D&D exhaust pipe with a Stage 1 K&N and UNI breather (adding a 10 per cent increase in horsepower). The bars have been flipped and bar end mirrors have been added. The fly screen windshield, bullet turn signals, and custom license plate holder were the finishing touches to contribute to the overall cafe racer look."

I like the bright fender beneath the cafe seat.
I especially liked the way the rear pegs slant to line up with the exhaust, the vintage pinstriping on the cafe tank (unexpected!) and the bright fenders instead of naked wheels. I asked Michael Baker of Royal Enfield of Fort Worth to elaborate. His response:

Pin stripping on cafe take looks classy.
1. The reason we left the rear pegs on is because when you take them off there are huge holes. A lot of my customers also use the rear pegs to rest their feet during long trips (very comfortable).

2. It still shifts on the left side and brakes on the right. The upgraded rear sets were ordered from Hitchcocks Motorcycles. (Other bits came from NField Gear and the Royal Enfield of Canada.)

And the seat looks natural.
3. There is a bracket in the back (of the seat) and it mounts to the rear fender. We had to do some fabricating to the seat to make it look that good.

Seating for one.
4. The tank came out of the box in that shape with the pinstriping already on. To match the tank and side covers we hand pinstriped the rear bump seat.

5. Believe it or not, these bars are the stock handlebars. We flipped them and drilled new holes for the switch housings.

Hard to believe those are the stock bars.
6. Price is $9,995 for the full package. Obliviously if somebody wanted (only) certain upgrades it would be cheaper. We fit the bike to the customers needs.

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  1. I got to sit on this bike last Saturday and compared to my own G5, this is a world of difference. They have attended to every detail to make this a distinctly different machine while still being, quite obviously, the same core bike.

    The rear pegs and flipped bars make for an unbelievably comfortable position. I can honestly say that as I walked away, I started inquiring on how to make some of the changes to my Enfield in the near future.


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